• Remove the film 3-12 hours after tattooing or after 2 days, depending on the film used. We will tell you you a more precise removal interval. Then wash the tattoo carefully, pat dry with a clean towel or kitchen paper. Let the tattoo dry for a moment.
  • Wash the tattoo 1-2 times a day using a mild unscented soap. Grease the tattoo about 4-5 times a day (or if it is dry) always with clean hands and thin layers. A tattoo is an open wound thaht can become infected if bacteria gets into it.
  • The tattoo should be greased before going to bed and protected for the first two nights. In the morning, wash the tattoo thoroughly, rubbing lightly and preferably using a mild unscented soap.
  • Keep the tattoo clean. During healing, wear clean, casual clothing that doesn”t rub. The tattoo heals faster when it is allowed to breathe freely.
  • After few days, a colored scab comes off the tattoo. If the tattoo is not greased often enough, the scab may take away some of the ink and fade the tattoo.
  • Don”t scratch the tattoo even if it itches! Scratching can cause permanent damage or inflammation! Tapping the tattoo slightly helps the itching, but if the itching becomes intolerable, anti-allergy medicine from Kestine usally helps (1 tablet a day for 10 days). During healing, a black colored scab comes off the tattoo. Do not scrape, but allow it to detach itself, when washing and greasing.
  • Bathing and sauna is completely forbidden until the tattoo is completely healed! Also avoid heavy sweating for the first few days. Also, do not expose the tattoo to direct sunlight as the tattooed skin will burn very easily. However, if you need to be in the sun, use a children”s sunscreen with a high protection factor.
  • The tattoo normally heals in 2-3 weeks. During the first few days, there may be a slight heat or stinging in the area tattooed.
  • If you are at work where the tattoo may be exposed to abrasion or soiling, put grease on it and protect it with film.